Politika – Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy’s Politika Anticipates Some Events Ahead of Their Time

Politika is part of Tom Clancy’s Power Plays novel series, written together with Jerome Preisler. The novel depicts the Russian president dying unexpectedly and the country being ruled by an interim three-person team. Things are not going well for the Russians. They are struggling with the aftermath of a dead president and are suffering from terrible harvests that result in famine and chaos. Running out of options, Russia faces the prospect of a revolution. Out of desperation, one of the three temporary Russian rulers asks the United States for help, much to the horror of the other more power-hungry provisional rulers. The plot thickens with a terrorist attack on American soil.

Explosive Action Ensues

When a bomb goes off at a party in Times Square in New York, hundreds of Americans are killed and injured, including the mayor of the city and the chief of police’s wife. Evidence suggests the Russian government may be involved in some way, which makes it clear that America will not likely be answering Russia’s pleas for assistance.

What Good Is an Action Story Without an Action Hero?
After realizing how his company and its employees have been affected by the attack, a wealthy and powerful businessman decides to make it his mission to find those responsible for the attack. With his own personal team of well-trained security personnel around the world, the billionaire businessman is determined to bring the perpetrators to justice. The story takes readers on an action-filled adventure through various parts of the world, from the streets of New York to a Turkish desert.

How Close is Fiction to Fact?

Perhaps the reason Tom Clancy is so popular is his ability to write fast-paced political thrillers that make those who keep a watchful eye on international politics think deeper. This book was written years before an actual terrorist attack took place in Times Square. Although the fallout did not have much in common, the basic premise is there and leaves one with a sense of trepidation as other catastrophic acts of terrorism are recalled.

Worth a Read

The writing is reasonably good, especially the action scenes towards the end, which keep you on the edge of your seat. The characters are persuasive, and the dialogue is engaging. The way the book parallels real-life events and how a country can quickly spin out of control, even with contingency plans in place, is enough to make it worth a read. If you’re into political thrillers and have also been keeping developments between Russia and the United States in your peripheral vision, you will likely enjoy the book.


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