What the Bleep Do We Know!?

The first half of this fascinating book addresses a scientific approach to reality and consciousness via the concepts of quantum physics, which are laid out in simple and understandable language. The second part is devoted to religion and spirituality. The book ends with the topic of self-development, examined from the perspectives outlined throughout the book. It discusses our ability to change our perception of ourselves and the world through the lens of quantum physics.

Neuroscientists, quantum physicists, and spiritualists talk about consciousness, its boundaries, and our capabilities. Perhaps we humans are also quanta, if viewed in terms of the universe? We and the world around us are much more complicated, interesting, and interconnected than we think. Of course, reading this book requires an open mind and willingness to consider new ideas.

Dr. Andrew Newberg Explains

We create the world we see. When I open my eyes, I see not reality but how my brain perceives it. Dr. Newberg is a neuroscientist who specializes in the relationship between brain function and different mental states, and in the study of religion and spirituality from a neurological perspective . In the book he explains that our brain processes a tremendous amount of information. As part of this process, it prevents some neutral information from entering our consciousness – for example, that we are sitting in an armchair: the obvious is eliminated. Then it begins the screening of the unknown: if we see something that the brain can’t identify, we try to associate it with something known, for example, “This is not a squirrel, but something like it.” If nothing similar can be located, or if it is something we consider not to be real, we reject it, saying, “I was seeing things.” Thus, we create the world as we perceive it; the world that our beliefs, convictions, emotions, prejudices, and preconceptions allow us to see.

Can We Change Our Lives?

This leads us to the next step: the way we see our life and our self affects the way we live. Maybe we live the life we have chosen or the life we think we deserve, but can we change it? Quantum reality and the laws of quantum mechanics allow free will and creativity to be woven into the thin fabric of reality.

Our brain functions as a processor on several levels, from the cerebral cortex to individual proteins. Therefore, when we focus on one thought or intention, or when we ask the universe the same question repeatedly, the effort of our thought changes the quantum randomness. Using Quantum mechanics mechanisms and principles one can overcome the forces of nature through mental effort. It has already been found that the number of potential bonds in the human brain is greater than the number of atoms in the entire universe.

At the same time, we limit ourselves, and self imposed restrictions are the toughest to detect, because our brain is accustomed to ignoring them. The most difficult thing for us as a species is to realize and accept our greatness. The idea scares us; we refuse to accept that we are practically omnipotent. That’s why we can’t express and release our abilities. As soon as we see our true selves and realize our strength, the world around us will change, because we will be free to create a new, necessary reality for ourselves. We don’t need to acquire any superpowers – we already have them. All we need to do is convince ourselves, our brain, and our consciousness to notice them and start using them.

I also recommend watching the film on which the book was based, it present the same information but in an exciting, visual format.

Watch the movie


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